BENTONITE is the important naturally occurring clay of great commercial importance possessing inherent bleaching properties. It is, therefore commonly called bleaching clay. It fall mainly under montmorillonite group containing a varying amount of attapulgite. The montmorillonite is designated by the chemical formula (OH4).Si8.O20.nH2O. The clay minerals of montmorillonite and attapulgite groups are distinguished by their adsoption characteristics. The chemical composition of these clays is similar to that of other common clays and it is rarely that these clays can be identified by chemical analysis. It is by X-rays, D.T.A., electron microscopic as well as by staining techniquished. The natural activity in the clay is determined by actual trials. The other important property of the montmorillonite group of minerals is possession of exchangeable ions.

Bentonite is phenomenon clay formed due to weathering of Volcanic Ash. Predominantly Montmorillonite Clay has excellent absorption, binding and coolant properties.

This magical clay has many industrial as well as domestic uses. With typical properties we can name the industries,

Binding property is used in Foundry, Iron Ore Palletization industries.

Water absorption property is used in Agriculture and Pet care industries.

The list will go on as Bentonite has many uses.

Typically Bentonite has following chemical formula.

Bentonite is an aluminum phyllosilicate clay composed of montmorillonite with the chemical formula
(Ca,Na)0,3(Al,Mg)2Si4O10(OH)2 ·n H2O.

  • Strong colloidal properties 
  • Swells in contact with water
  • Water absorption 
  • High viscosity 
  • High plasticity 
  • Thixotropy

Available in Raw Material (Loose), Powder Form packed in 25Kg, 50Kg, 1MT Jumbo Bags.


We have solution for every industry


Bentonite for foundry is used as binder. We have understood the requirement of every foundry and made product range for your foundry needs.

With modern industry requirement we have bentonite as,

  1. High Wet Tensile Strength (WTS): Suitable for flasklessmoulding line, controls Scabbing related defects.
  2. High Thermal Durability: This is unique blended product helps achieving good control over weight and dimension of casting.
  3. High Free Swelling (FSV): Traditional requirement of foundry is fulfilled with our Higher FSV material.

This growing industry requires typical Bentonite which reduces silica content in final product and uses less clay to enhance yield. We understood this requirement and came up with our product


Bentonite has unique property of absorbing water and give cooling effect to drilling tool.

With our special ability to match industry’s requirement we have products as per Infrastructure field.

  1. Drilling: Higher Fluid loss helps less uses of bentonite.
  2. Tunneling: Increased viscosity product gives higher strength while horizontal tunneling.
  3. Grouting: Specially designed product stops liquid loss in concrete while grouting.

Bentonite is used to lower the resistance to earth by providing ground enhancement effectively reducing the resistance between the soil and earth electrode (such as copper earth rod or earth mats) by retaining moisture.
We offer Earthing grade Bentonites, Earthing Rods and entire solution for Earthing pit.


Bentonite can be applied in animal nutrition to adsorb mycotoxins and reduce mycotoxin bioavailability from contaminated feeds in the animal’s gut. It Bens a fine clay material mined from the earth.

Our grade improves weight of animal, Improved skeletal strength reduces the bone porosity that can lead to the discoloration of meat and bones after cooking commonly known as ‘black bone’ syndrome. This syndrome leads to consumer complaints and increased wastage of food.


Dewatering from Paper pulp helps for higher yield and improves efficiency. Our grade having higher brightness and less settle able solids gives you greater efficiency.


Bentonite having excellent stability due to its rheological properties. This property helps to store cosmetics at longer duration. Moreover our cosmetic grades are useful for face mask and mud therapy.

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