Our biggest instrument of operations is our understanding of rules and legislations, specific to mining, thanks to our knowledgeable and law-abiding team. Add to it a carefully laid network of infrastructure – logistics, communication, ports, water system, manpower resources, power, safety – security drills, and marketing. We have covered a 8,400 sq. mt of the mining area. The minerals are further processed at our facility spread over 4,100 sq. meter. Our strong team consists of engineering, exploration, and metallurgist staff. 10 numbers of earth-moving vehicles and equipment have dug and produced 15,000 MT of minerals, a month’s average. The deepest we have gone inside is 80 feet/meters. That reminds an invaluable lesson – after digging 2000 tonnes of dirt we get 1 gram of gold. That doesn’t mean our work stops at digging 2000 tonnes! Our job is to keep digging until we get there.
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